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Game Idle Farming Business preview
Game Idle Farming Business preview

Idle Farming Business

Idle Farming Business

Theatre mode
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9.2(24 votes)

Idle Farming Business

If you’re intrigued about growing your own veggies but still not ready to commit to this painstaking activity IRL, Idle Farming Business is the perfect game for you. There’s something deeply satisfying about watching your farm flourish, and the best thing about it is that while playing, you don’t even have to put in the backbreaking work.

The background country music is very soothing, and the eye-catching graphics combined with it put you in a relaxing mood. The homestead is small but quite profitable, and to keep you engaged, there are plenty of new crops to unlock, plots of land to upgrade, and over 100 achievements to complete.

How to play Idle Farming Business

The agricultural business won’t really become idle until you’ve made at least a couple of purchases at the Upgrade Shop (shopping cart icon). Besides increasing profits from a certain crop, you can also unlock the crop stacking ability, which allows you to collect significant yields anytime you decide to come back.

In the Upgrade Mode (shovel icon), you can reduce the time required for each of the veggies to become ready for harvest. Each next crop unlocked is more profitable than the previous one but takes much longer to grow. Therefore, to gain the maximum value from your humble homestead, it’s best to upgrade all the plots somewhat evenly until you’ve got money to burn!

What are the controls for Idle Farming Business?

You can enjoy the relaxing and strangely rewarding Idle Farming Business on both PC and mobile devices. The interface is very simple and intuitive, so you won’t have any trouble figuring out all the controls. Click or tap on the coins to collect the profits, the icons on the bottom left to upgrade the land plots, and the icon on the bottom right to claim rewards upon completing Achievements.


  • Satisfying and relaxing farming simulator
  • Eye-catching graphics and soothing country music
  • 9 plots of land to grow different veggies on
  • Plenty of upgrades, over 100 Achievements

Release date

July 2022




All devices

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