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Game Infinite Heroes preview
Game Infinite Heroes preview

Infinite Heroes

Infinite Heroes

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Infinite Heroes

Infinite Heroes is a must-play for turn-based role-playing card game enthusiasts. Guide the brave characters through plenty of perilous stages in the epic campaign by selecting an optimal route. Pick up buffs along the way, avoid unnecessary battles, and earn coins and gems while defeating enemies to unlock more powerful heroes.

Calculate each step of your character’s dangerous journey carefully on your road to victory. If the higher levels become too challenging, take a few steps back to farm some coins and gems and acquire stronger champions in the “heroes” game menu.

How to play Infinite Heroes

After defeating each enemy, your hero will lose the same number of hit points the slain foe had. Each card has two base stats — shield and health points. The three columns represent the road to complete each level, and you can move the character one row up at each turn, either vertically or diagonally. The slider on the right side indicates the number of steps to reach the stage boss and formidable enemies along the way.

You’re able to scout up to three moves ahead. Use the information on the board to plan the route which will cause the least damage to your character. If you are close to the end of the stage and still have plenty of health remaining, consider defeating worthy enemies before the boss fight to earn extra coins.

What are the controls for Infinite Heroes?

As for now, Infinite Heroes is playable for free exclusively in a PC browser. Click and drag your hero card to clash with the enemies.


  • Turn-based role-playing card game
  • Each stage features formidable enemies and the final boss
  • Up to 8 playable characters

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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