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Kill Time in the Office

We all get that feeling of slacking off, procrastinating in the job or school, right? Kill Time in the Office has that relatable feeling, and your goal is to slack and accomplish several tasks under a time limit—watch out for your boss, though! If she catches you slacking, you’re in great trouble!

How to play Kill Time in the Office?

The game is pretty straightforward on what your objective is, to slack off while you work! You’re provided with a set of tasks that you need to finish without getting caught by your boss who comes by to check on you! These ranges from giving yourself a nail polish, plucking out excess hair, sleeping in the job, and lot more which have differing levels of difficulty and execution that can spell your loss if you don’t watch out!

  1. Keep an eye out for your boss! – The main point of the game, of course. But not just that, there’s chances that she won’t even bat an eye on you as she moves across your cubicle, which is a good chance to do the hardest tasks immediately as they usually require time!
  2. Timed Tasks – As stated in the first one, some of the tasks requires some time. If you do this too late in and the moment she comes out to check, you might’ve need to restart!
  3. Quick, Click that Screen! – Did she just go out while you’re rolling your hair? Quick, click on your computer screen to return working! Keep in mind, though, whatever task you were doing before, you’d need to do it again!

What are the controls for Kill Time in the Office?

  • Use the Left Mouse Button to interact.
  • The game is not compatible for mobile.


  • Score System – a score is tallied after doing your tasks, and if you finish all tasks without reaching the time limit, an additional score is issued!
  • Challenging Missions – The game may be simple, but the tasks you need to do is quite challenging! Definitely something you can do to keep yourself entertained!
  • Simplistic Design – For any of the ones who still remember the flash games era, this is quite a game that can make you remember those times! A simple game, almost similar to the good old Office Romance flash games with the same premise!

Release date

April 2017





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