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Game Kogama: Escape from Prison preview
Game Kogama: Escape from Prison preview

Kogama: Escape from Prison

Kogama: Escape from Prison

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Kogama: Escape from Prison

Join the teams of Police (blue) or Criminals (red) and participate in epic team deathmatch battles in Kogama: Escape from Prison! The jail is located on an island, but it’s not the only building on it, as one might envision. There’s an entire town to explore that seems like a perfect place to live in, but since you’re fighting for your lives here, there’s really not much time to cherish the architecture.

The graphics are fairly simple but eye-catching at the same time. This is essentially a competitive FPS, and the gameplay somehow manages to also be quite funny and relaxing. Choose your side and score 50 kills before your opponents emerge victorious!

How to play Kogama: Escape from Prison

Both teams start at the prison, but the cops have a lot of things going for them. First of all, they don’t have to escape the jail cell, and secondly, there’s a variety of weapons available for pick up behind an easily accessible door. The criminals, on the other hand, must be more witty and innovative since there’s only a short sword in the cell, and nobody wants to bring a knife to a gunfight.

Regardless of the team you pick, the easiest way of defeating enemies is by performing coordinated maneuvers with your crew. We’re well aware that any form of cooperation with random players online is a true feat of strength in itself, but going 1-vs-all Rambo style is the easiest way to get whacked.

What are the controls for Kogama: Escape from Prison?

You can currently play Kogama: Escape from Prison exclusively in a PC browser. To access the full controls list click on the keyboard icon in the bottom right. The list of most essential controls is shown below:

  • Move — WASD/arrow keys
  • Jump — Space
  • Aim — mouse move
  • Shoot/swing melee weapon — left mouse button
  • Pick up weapon — E
  • Holster equipped weapon — Q
  • Respawn — K


  • A competitive yet funny team deathmatch FPS
  • Teams of Police or Criminals to join
  • Dozens of weapons to discover and use
  • Simple and eye-catching graphics

Release date

July 2023





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