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Game Low's Adventures 2 preview

Low's Adventures 2

Low's Adventures 2

Theatre mode
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Low's Adventures 2

Low's Adventures 2 is an interactive single-player puzzle game and the sequel to Low's Adventures, set up in a colorful environment. The game relies heavily on its unique game play and play style. The main objective is to make your character reach the end to gather the ‘trophy’ that will lead you to the next stage of the game. The game’s family friendly atmosphere makes it suitable for any age group. Low's Adventures 2 has many mesmerizing mini maps, easy controls and an interactive UI, which ensures you to have a blast while playing!

How to play Low's Adventures 2

After the game finishes loading, you will be introduced to the protagonist starting at the beginning of the map. The controls are very simple as it only requires for you to move the character. You have to move left, right and up, passing through all unpredictable obstacles, to reach the end. After reaching the end, you will need to grab the ‘trophy’, which will result in moving to the next map. Note that the obstacles will get harder as you progress, so make sure you time the jumps properly! The game works perfectly on both PC and mobile devices, but is recommended to play on the PC for the smoothest experience.

What are the controls for Low's Adventures 2?

When playing on your PC, use the ‘A, D’ keys to move sideways and the ‘W’ key to jump.

Note that when you’re playing on a mobile device, it only works in landscape mode. The screen will show the buttons consisting of left, right and up. Simple touch the keys with your fingers to make the character move.


  • Eye-catching mini maps
  • Suitable for any age group
  • Satisfying gameplay with an alluring atmosphere

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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