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Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect is based on an ancient matching game of Chinese origin. Though traditionally a tabletop experience requiring four players, Mahjong Connect provides an easy-to-use digital platform through which to play solo.

Deceptively simple in its design, Mahjong Connect provides a surprising challenge as players move through the levels. 

Match tiles, but be sure to strategize carefully- it’s tougher than it looks! Perfect for anyone who wants to practice on their own time to devise the perfect Mahjong strategy. Or, if you simply haven’t played before and want to give it a go, Mahjong Connect is an excellent introduction. 

How To Play Mahjong Connect

The gameplay of Mahjong Connect is quite easy to pick up on. Players will be provided a virtual board with tiles arranged in a grid, 4 across and 8 descending. You will be tasked with selecting tiles with matching symbols. The trick is, you can only select tiles that can be connected with no more than 3 straight lines, and these lines cannot cross any other tile. Clear the board completely, and you’ve won! 

What are the controls for Mahjong Connect?

The controls are extremely simple and self-explanatory. 

  • Click on any tile to select it
  • Click a matching tile nearby to make your move
  • If the move is valid, the tiles will disappear, and you will be able to select another tile
  • Clear the board to win!

The game also fully supports mobile devices for those who find they just can’t put it down. The controls for the mobile version are a bit different, so we’ll clarify those below.

  • First, tap on a tile to select it
  • Tap a second tile that matches the first
  • Tap a third time to confirm your move


  • A single-player experience
  • Tons of levels available to provide a continuous challenge
  • Upbeat music and sound effects

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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