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Mahjong Dark Dimensions

If you like logical challenges, Mahjong Dark Dimensions is the game for you! You will find yourself in a three-dimensional world where you need to use your wits and quick reaction because there’s not much time to solve the puzzle. Mahjong Dark Dimensions is a mahjong game that will captivate you from the very first minute. If you're a beginner who has never tried this format of games before, don't despair. In the beginning, you will be able to read detailed instructions on managing the game. In addition, you will be accompanied by an unobtrusive melody, which helps to concentrate throughout the process. Are you ready to test your logical skills?

How to play Mahjong Dark Dimensions

So at the beginning of the game, you encounter a cube with three faces. Each of them is divided into a certain number of cells. On each of them, you put the corresponding signs. Your task is to combine sectors that have the same pattern. The more such unions you can make, the faster the cube will be free. And this is your main task. But be careful. If the sector you need is surrounded by cells with a different pattern, they cannot be combined. Also, you will have only a few minutes to solve the puzzle but you will find different bonuses. For example, you can get additional time that will help you a lot in solving this puzzle. The game will be a fascinating option for people of all ages. Try your hand at it!


  • The game is free.
  • The interface is in the form of a cube with faces.
  • It is possible to display the image on full screen.

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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