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Paper Flight

Skillfully fly paper planes through hoops and avoid ALL obstacles using but one button in Paper Flight — a deceptively simple and highly addictive 2D flight game. Glide your way through up to 4 unique landscapes, each containing up to 4 stages (and more in development), and unlock some truly amazing airplanes and other funny craft skins. After perfecting your skills, attempt the endless game mode and submit your high score to see how you rank among other top players worldwide!

How to play Paper Flight

To complete each level, you don't have to fly through any hoops, but you gain currency that allows you to unlock some truly amazing "aircraft" skins if you do. You can control a submarine, a turtle, some mythical characters, and even become a superhero!

Each game world features increasingly difficult challenges and game mechanics. Every background theme provides a unique feeling and adds depth and replayability to this already amazing game.

If your finger is too heavy on the control and you hold for too long, it becomes almost impossible to lower the altitude when necessary quickly enough. Tapping repeatedly will allow you to fly pretty much horizontally. Play around with this mechanic to improve your control skills. Keep an eye on the slider at the bottom of your screen after crashing in the same spot, as this will allow you to stay prepared for the specific obstacle next time around.

What are the controls for Paper Flight?

You can play Paper Flight on both PC and mobile devices. Tap or click and hold to control your craft.


  • Deceivingly simple yet highly challenging 2D gliding simulation
  • Up to four different game worlds to beat and 18 “aircraft” models
  • Endless game mode featuring the worldwide leaderboard

Release date

November 2022


Gameloft SE


All devices

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