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Paper Rush

A square from a boring notebook comes to life in Paper Rush! This isn’t just an ordinary square, it has eyes, it can run, jump, and do front flips, too! Your job is to skillfully guide the Square to avoid all the perils in its way and reach the finish line. There are up to 20 levels to play, and while the gameplay is very simple, it’s far from easy.

How to play Paper Rush

The lively Square — who is the main protagonist of Paper Rush — keeps moving forward at all times. Your job is to jump over the gaps, collect stars, land on the drawn platforms, and avoid spikes at all costs.

As in most platform games, properly timing your jumps is essential. Certain platforms can’t be reached with a simple jump, so you’ll have to use the double jump to overcome the challenge. It is usually the best strategy to try and land on the near edge of the next slab. If done this way, you will have enough time to skip the spikes that will force you to restart the level if hit.

Don’t give up easily! Even if you hit the edge of the next beam and start falling to your demise, as long as you maintain any contact with the surface you can still input the jump control.

What are the controls for Paper Rush?

Paper Rush is playable on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap to perform a jump, and repeat immediately for a double jump.


  • Simple and enjoyable 2D platform game
  • 20 increasingly difficult levels
  • Guide the lively square to the finish line by performing timely jumps

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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