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Rummikub is an intense game of strategy. Be the first player to place all the tiles to be able to win the match!

How to play Rummikub?

Playing Rummikub requires a lot of tactical thinking, focus and luck too! The aim is to place matching tiles either by number or by order on the board. The first move needs to total at least 30 points, after that there isn’t any minimum requirement to make a move. If you don’t have any tiles to reach the minimum amount, you’ll have to draw a tile. It might take a while to make your first move but don’t worry as it’s part of the game and you can still win the round!

Once you’ve made your first move, you can begin manipulating the board. Break up already matched tiles and create matching tiles to progress. If you're struggling to find a spot for your tile, wait for your opponents to set up more tiles. You'll need to have three tiles together at least and they need to be either the same number or be in increasing order.

What are the controls for Rummikub?

The controls for Rummikub are simple compared to the rules of the game..

On desktop, use the left mouse button to click and drag tiles from your hand to the board. You can also use the left mouse button to manipulate the tiles on the board.

On mobile, simply tap on your tiles and drag them to the board to play them. To manipulate the tiles on the board, tap on them!


  • Strategy! Rummikub is a game of strategy! You’re going to have to think through each move you make!
  • Exciting gameplay! Every game of Rummikub is unique and exciting! Increase the difficulty if you feel like the game is being too easy on you!
  • Multiplayer! You can also play in a custom room! Invite your friends and have a blast playing Rummikub!

Release date

December 2020




All devices

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