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9.4(16 votes)


Sandspiel is a creative sandbox game that challenges you to manipulate various elements and substances to create dynamic environments and reactions. Inspired by classic falling sand games, this game allows you to experiment with elements like sand, water, fire, and more to see how they interact in a pixelated physics simulation.

How to play Sandspiel?

Sandspiel offers a canvas where creativity meets chaos in the most artistic way. Your primary tools are the elements provided—ranging from natural substances like sand and water to more volatile ones like fire and acid. You start with a blank slate, a literal sandbox, and you add elements to it, watching how they interact and create new scenarios.

You can use tools to alter the size of your inputs or to undo actions, exploring different combinations and reactions without permanent consequences. The game also includes a play/pause feature, which lets you halt the action to set up complex setups or simply take in the beauty of your creation. Sharing and exploring creations made by others in the community is also a big part of the experience, as it encourages a cycle of inspiration and innovation.

What are the controls for Sandspiel?

Mouse: Point and click to select and place elements on the canvas.


  • Dynamic element reactions: Combine elements like ice, fire, plants, and oils to see real-time interactions
  • Creative freedom: The game acts as a canvas for creating intricate digital art or chaotic natural scenes
  • Sandbox environment: Experiment without limits in an open-ended world where the only boundary is your imagination

Release date

May 2024


Max Bittker


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