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Scary Maze


Scary Maze

Scary Maze is a classic that has already become a cult game. You will dive into a world of total darkness, with only a labyrinth in front of you - tangled, with many corridors and nooks. With each new level, getting out of it will become harder and harder. And remember, you don't know what's waiting for you around the corner... It's not for nothing that the maze is called scary. 

How to play Scary Maze?

The main objective is to move through a confusing maze with the cursor. But remember, you can't touch the walls. On each level, surprises await you in addition to increasing difficulty. So, be patient. Your diligence and attention will be rewarded. In the upper right corner, you will find hints for the mazes. These will help you not get lost. And lastly, be sure to wear headphones! There are monsters in Scary Maze. The game uses the so-called "screamer". It is a type of animation that is designed to scare people. After all, you can appear in the most unexpected places. Each translucent figure can turn into a monster. This technique has been used in horror films for decades and is successful. Try to experience this effect for yourself. The thrill is guaranteed. 


  • 16+ age rate 
  • addictive gameplay
  • steady controls will help you pass the levels faster
  • Scary Maze is suitable for PC and macOS

September 2022


Cross platform

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