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In the vast ocean, there’s always a bigger fish that preys on the smaller one, and the same goes for Shark.io. Starting as a juvenile shark, there’s a long way to go to become the undisputed ruler of the seas, and the competition is quite scary, to say the least.

It’s a shark fiesta in the bay area, and strangely enough, the tourists have decided to take a dip. Now that’s easy prey for an apex predator trying to get bigger and work its way up in the food chain if I’ve ever seen one.


Each successful hunt leaves a blood trail behind, and this will attract bigger fish. Suddenly, the roles are switched, and you must promptly swim away to avoid becoming prey.


How to play Shark.io

Your score is determined by your kill count of fish and humans alike. At the very beginning of your playthrough, it’s recommended to focus on killing stationary prey — humans, crustaceans, seashells, and so on. Smaller fish are quite dexterous, so learning how to catch them successfully is a great fine motor skill exercise.

The more difficult part of this game is avoiding getting caught rather than hunting for prey. On a predetermined number of kills, you’ll grow in size, but some of the alpha sharks are really huge, so you must always be prepared to flee.

What are the controls for Shark.io?

You can play Shark.io on both mobile and PC devices. Use your finger to drag the shark on a touchscreen device, or navigate the mouse and use the left mouse button for a speed boost if playing on a PC.


  • 2D action snake-inspired io game
  • The bigger shark eats the smaller one
  • Challenging endless gameplay

Release date

February 2020




All devices

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