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Slope Ball

If you’re a fan of simple but skill-demanding 2D platform games, Slope Ball might be exactly what you were looking for. The main protagonist is the ball perpetually rolling down a trippy slope to its inevitable end, and you won’t be able to do much to stop it, at least in the first “couple” of attempts. If the default difficulty level (insane) becomes a bit too frustrating, you can always make this incredible game easier in the settings menu.

How to play Slope Ball

Slope Ball may be a bit intimidating at first, but its difficulty is exactly what makes completing levels so amazingly rewarding and addictive. If you're the one to give up easily, you should stay clear of this one. As if it wasn’t hard enough already, challenges become even more difficult as new game mechanics are gradually introduced. Just as you’ve figured out the basics, you’re abruptly faced with reverse gravity or controlling an aircraft for the first time.

Even the most skilled and challenge-seeking players may find Slope Ball at the default difficulty a bit too tormenting. Luckily enough, there is a total of 5 difficulty settings — easy, normal, and hard for “Practice”, while harder and insane make the “Normal” game mode playable. The speed of the game is reduced by decreasing difficulty, and “Practice” allows you to respawn on unlocked checkpoints after dying, rather than having to complete the entire level in a single try.

What are the controls for Slope Ball?

If you’re just rolling down or up a slope, tap or click to jump. While flying, use the same control repeatedly in timely intervals to balance your height.


  • Requires god-like skills to complete on “insane” difficulty
  • Still very challenging even on “easy”

Eye-catching, trippy 2D graphics and addictive gameplay

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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