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Space Module


Space Module

Space Module is a highly addictive and entertaining 2D arcade game with RPG elements. The hordes of aliens are coming at your spacecraft in waves, and for a strange reason, they look like germs?! Don’t think about it — shoot them all down! They drop money you can collect and buy various modules for your craft, making it more agile, lethal, and even self-repairing!

How to play Space Module?

The progress bar for your current level is shown at the top of the interface. You’ll fill up the bar by shooting down enemies. Once the level is completed, before the start of the next wave, you can buy various upgrades for your battleship. Besides money, enemies also drop other beneficial loot, which may give you a shield or even increase the firing rate of your cannons. Make sure to pick these up quickly, as they will disappear if left unclaimed.

You’ll notice that your craft has three base stats — health, speed, and agility. Modules such as cannons and link beams will decrease speed and agility, while additional engines will improve performance. Even though it may be tempting to add as many cannons to your battleship as possible in the first few tries, you’ll quickly learn that balance of firepower, survivability, and speed are essential for long-term success.

The “L-shaped links” can be of great use if you want to add cannons that will shoot in the direction you’re aiming at. You can also attach an additional cabin to them, which provides extra four module slots.

What are the controls for Space Module?

At this point, Space Module is exclusively playable in a PC browser. Use WASD or arrow keys to move your spacecraft and a mouse pointer to aim.


  • Maneuver the battleship skillfully and shoot down waves of enemies
  • Collect the loot dropped by the foes you’ve vanquished
  • Buy valuable modules to improve your craft in between the waves

March 2023


Cross platform