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Startup Fever


Startup Fever

Turn your workers into the literal money printing machines in Startup Fever — an exciting and addictive business tycoon simulation. Build your business from the ground up, hire employees and keep them busy, buy new office equipment to reduce downtime, and unlock new ways to make even more money. Give pep talks to your workforce when they’re feeling down, hire executives to further upgrade your company, and repair the printing machines as they begin to malfunction.

How to play Startup Fever

Your executive building in Startup Fever may seem a bit sad at first, but at a glance, you'll notice it has a huge potential. Don't worry about this for a second, soon enough, you'll be hiring an assistant to help you keep the work flowing. Everybody's gotta start somewhere, right?

Try to keep your employees busy as much as possible. Feed them the documents from the printer, or they’ll start slacking. Every once in a while, they’ll feel a bit under the weather, and you’ll have to approach and motivate them, just as any good boss does.

As your business begins to thrive, more qualified personnel are required. In the manager’s office, you can upgrade your character’s speed and carrying capacity, but also basic worker’s speed. Eventually, you'll want to hire an assistant, as he can do most of the errands around the office for you, and his attributes’ can also be improved in the HR office.

What are the controls for Startup Fever?

The controls for Startup Fever are revealed to you immediately as you start playing in a PC browser. Use WASD or arrow keys to move, and left mouse click to interact with game dialogue boxes.


  • Idle business tycoon RPG simulation
  • Eye-catching 2D graphics and addictive gameplay
  • Unlock new money-making methods and worlds as your empire grows

March 2023


Cross platform