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Stickman Bridge Constructor

Stickman Bridge Constructor is an extraordinary 2D platform running game with a unique twist. Instead of jumping over the gaps of varying lengths, you’re tasked with building beam-like bridges over them to ensure safe crossing. The endless gameplay is simultaneously simple and challenging, the 2D graphics are quite minimalistic, and the music and sound effects are truly engaging.

The stickman worker is good at two things: casually moonwalking across the skyscrapers’ rooftops and fearlessly erecting bridges to avoid falling into the abyss. It’s up to you to judge the distance you must cover to get to the other side and keep the expendable NPC alive for as long as possible.

How to play Stickman Bridge Constructor

You don’t have to rush anything in this game since the stickman construction worker will stop in his tracks when he reaches the edge of a platform. Once at the edge, you’ll start erecting the bridge vertically, and as soon as you’ve set the height, it will rotate clockwise into a horizontal position.

The tricky part of the game is that occasionally, you’ll have more than a single gap to cover at the edge. Sometimes, building a bridge of the max length may do the trick, but it’s easy to misjudge the situation and lead the stickman to his doom.

What are the controls for Stickman Bridge Constructor?

You can play Stickman Bridge Constructor on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click, and hold to determine the length of the bridge you’re about to build, and finally release to ensure the safe passage over the gaps ahead.


  • 2D stickman platform running meets bridge building
  • Endless gameplay is both simple and challenging
  • Epic sound effects and immersive music

Release date

February 2019




All devices

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