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Super Stacker

Super Stacker is a fun interactive puzzle game that involves creating a stable structure by stacking objects on top of each other. There are numerous levels to the game, and with each stage, the complexity increases. The overall aim of this game is to create a tall and stable structure, without collapsing, which makes the game challenging and moreover would keep you on your toes. With effortless controls and eye-catching environment, the game is recommended for all age groups and ensures that you will have a blast playing!

How to play Super Stacker?

After watching the intro, you will be introduced to various levels that you must progress through. Starting at the beginning, you will be given a particular number of blocks where a certain structure needs to be built which are unique to each level. With each level, the game becomes more intense and interesting by introducing different shapes of objects and methods. The game requires you to have a ‘thinking and open head’ as you tackle harder layouts while progressing.

Super Stacker works on both PC and Mobile devices, giving a smooth experience. The game gives out clear instructions on what the controls are, so you won’t have any trouble progressing. But remember, that if an object falls, you must restart the level. 

What are the controls for Super Stacker?

  • When playing on a PC, drag the objects with your cursor using the mouse or touchpad and click to make it fall to your desired position
  • When playing on a mobile device, simply touch and drag the objects and release your finger to drop to the desired position


  • Suitable for any age category
  • Vibrant atmosphere 
  • Soothing UI with a smooth gameplay

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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