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Game Talking Tom Gold Run preview
Game Talking Tom Gold Run preview

Talking Tom Gold Run

Talking Tom Gold Run

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Talking Tom Gold Run

Help the world’s most famous cat juke through the traffic jam while collecting as many coins and gold ingots as possible in Talking Tom Gold Run. The graphics are lovely, the gameplay is simple and enjoyable, and this awesome lane-running game is perfectly suitable for both kids and adults.

Tom isn’t just some snuggle bug. He’s crafty and agile, can skate, ride the rocket and even hop on the flying carpet! What the beloved cat currently rides won’t affect the gameplay, so your reaction times and decision-making abilities are the determining factors to success. 

As in any endless lane-running game, you’re going to have to accept defeat at some point. Trying your best to improve the high score on each attempt is still a lot of fun though.

How to play Talking Tom Gold Run

You get a free pass the first time you run into an obstacle, but after making a second mistake, it’s Game Over. Collecting gold ingots fills the bar in the upper left of your screen, and once it’s topped up, the bubble around your character activates, granting you brief invulnerability.

Besides moving around obstacles, you can also jump over or slide under them. It’s important to note that you can slide or jump and switch lanes mid-animation because sometimes it’s the only way to avoid crashing.

What are the controls for Talking Tom Gold Run?

You can play Talking Tom Gold Run for free on both PC and mobile devices. Click, hold, and drag or swipe in the desired direction to switch lanes, jump, or slide.


  • World’s most famous cat jukes the traffic jam
  • An enjoyable endless lane-running game
  • Perfectly suitable for kids and adults
  • Vivid graphics and addictive gameplay

Release date

October 2021




All devices

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