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Targets Attack

Targets Attack is an easy-to-get into but difficult-to-master 2D archery simulation game. The gameplay is endless and deceptively simple, but even with the lack of any extra features, this game is quite addictive and enjoyable. You have a total of three lives, and a misplaced arrow costs you one. Calculate the wind speed, distance to the target, and the power of your shot to keep playing for as long as possible and set the highest score!

How to play Targets Attack

The wind seems to be blowing at the same speed constantly, but the tricky thing is that the target relocates after each shot. The best way to improve your precision is by shooting arrows with an equal amount of power. To achieve this, you can't go wrong if you pull the bowstring to the max before each shot. Observe each projectile to see how other variables affect its trajectory.

The hardest thing to master is judging how much you must compensate each shot to hit targets that are set further away. If you’re diligent enough to study each shot, you’ll use the dashed line just in front of the bow to your advantage. Experiment with shooting at different dashes and use them as your guideline for future attempts. Soon enough, you’ll get a better understanding of how to aim and hit the bull’s eye repeatedly.

What are the controls for Targets Attack?

You can play Targets Attack on both mobile and PC, but honestly, the game feels much better on a touchscreen device. Tap or click, then hold and drag to pull the bowstring and shoot an arrow.


  • An addictive 2D archery target practice simulation
  • Pure endless gameplay without any unnecessary features
  • Easy to get into and difficult to master

Release date

September 2022




All devices

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