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Game That's Not My Neighbor preview
Game That's Not My Neighbor preview

That's Not My Neighbor

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That's Not My Neighbor

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8.8(9 votes)

That's Not My Neighbor

That's Not My Neighbor also known as "Doorman Verify Neighbor" plunges you into the eerie role of a doorman in 1955, where you're tasked with the chilling job of preventing doppelgangers—creatures that mimic human residents—from infiltrating your apartment building. This unique blend of horror and detective elements makes it a thrilling experience that tests your attention to detail and nerve.

How to play That's Not My Neighbor?

Your primary goal is to differentiate between real tenants and their doppelganger impostors to maintain the safety and integrity of the apartment complex. You will:

  1. Sit Behind the Desk: Take your position at the reception, where you'll receive documents from individuals trying to enter the building.
  2. Check Documents: Examine the IDs and other paperwork provided to spot inconsistencies or signs that might indicate someone is a doppelganger.
  3. Make Decisions: Decide whether to allow the person to enter based on your assessment. If you suspect someone is a doppelganger, you need to take immediate action to prevent their entry.
  4. Use the Emergency Protocol: If you confirm someone is a doppelganger, press the emergency button to prevent them from entering and alert the Doppelgänger Detection Department (D.D.D.).
  5. Evaluate Your Performance: At the end of your shift, review how many doppelgangers you successfully stopped and whether any false accusations or mistakes were made.

What are the controls for That's Not My Neighbor?

  • Mouse: All interactions within the game are managed through the mouse. You'll use it to pick up documents, scrutinize them for authenticity, and operate various controls at your desk, such as the emergency button.


  • Unique blend of horror and simulation
  • Engaging puzzle-like document inspection mechanics
  • Immersive 1950s setting
  • Challenging gameplay that tests observation and quick decision-making skills
  • Atmospheric graphics and suspenseful soundtrack

Release date

April 2024


Nacho Sama



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