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Tiger Run

A gorgeous tiger cub has managed to escape the local city zoo and with a local zookeeper dressed as Indiana Jones chasing after you, the Tiger Run begins! Help the apex hunter run away from captivity for as long as you can in this endless action-running game.

The realization that there are only around 4,500 tigers freely roaming the planet Earth is a dreadful thought. Consider the possibility that in the following few human generations, these majestic animals may go extinct if we don’t take appropriate action. To protect something, we must first learn to love it, and this game is a great starting point.

Life is but a game and many of the skills you put the time in to excel at you can often apply to improve other aspects of your overall well-being. This incredible lane-running game will certainly improve your reaction time and quick decision-making abilities. 

How to play Tiger Run

Unaware of its surroundings, the tiger cub attempts the breakaway through a 3-lane open highway, and to make things worse, all the vehicles are moving towards it. You must switch lanes quickly to avoid oncoming traffic and jump or duck timely to keep running through the road signs.

You can buy various upgrades in the shop to empower the lovely tiger cub and set new high scores effortlessly. If you’re a player that remains persistent and doesn’t give up easily, you’ll definitely enjoy perfecting your skills and mastering this awesome endless game.

What are the controls for Tiger Run?

You can play Tiger Run on both mobile and PC devices. Swipe or use the arrow keys to switch lanes. 


  • An endless obstacle-avoiding lane-running game
  • The glorious tiger cub is on the run
  • A fine reaction time and decision-making exercise

Release date

April 2023




All devices

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