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Tiles of the Unexpected

Tiles of the Unexpected is a tile-matching puzzle game where the goal is to clear the board of all tiles. The game features a grid filled with tiles, each containing different images or symbols. The gameplay is reminiscent of classic games such as Mahjong and Bejeweled.

How to play Tiles of the Unexpected?

In Tiles of the Unexpected, players must find and remove pairs of matching tiles that are located next to each other, either horizontally or vertically. When a pair is selected, the tiles disappear, and the tiles above them fall down to fill the gap. The objective is to clear the board as quickly as possible and score points based on the speed and efficiency of the tile removals.

To add an element of strategy and challenge, some tiles may be stacked on top of one another or blocked by other tiles. Players must carefully plan their moves to unblock and reveal the matching pairs. As the game progresses, new levels may introduce additional tile designs or special tiles with unique properties, making the gameplay increasingly challenging.

What are the controls for Tiles of the Unexpected?

Use your mouse to move the tiles, or on mobile devices simply tap and drag.


  1. Tile-matching gameplay: Players must find and remove pairs of adjacent matching tiles to clear the board.
  2. Cascading tiles: When tiles are removed, the tiles above them fall down to fill the gaps, creating new potential matches.
  3. Multiple levels: The game offers a variety of levels with increasing difficulty and additional tile designs.
  4. Special tiles: Some levels may introduce unique tiles with special properties that impact gameplay.

Release date

April 2017




All devices

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