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Tradle challenges you to guess the exporting country based on various products shown in a treemap. Whether you're a geography buff or just looking for a unique puzzle challenge, Tradle offers a fresh take on the popular Wordle gameplay by focusing on economic data.

How to play Tradle?

Tradle tasks you with identifying countries based on their export profiles. You'll be given six attempts to guess the correct country, starting with a treemap that represents the country's exports. Each guess provides feedback on how close your guess is, showing distance in kilometers, the direction to the target country, and how closely your guess aligns with the actual exports.

  1. Each game starts with a treemap showcasing a specific country's exports. Each rectangle in the treemap reflects the proportion of that export in the country’s trade portfolio
  2. Make a guess by entering a country name. You'll then receive feedback on the distance and direction from the correct country
  3. Use the hints effectively to narrow down subsequent guesses. The game provides not just geographical distance but also directional cues to help steer you closer to the right answer

What are the controls for Tradle?

Enter your answers using the keyboard.


  • Educational gameplay that enhances your understanding of global trade
  • Interactive feedback with each guess, providing a learning curve that's both challenging and informative
  • Social sharing options to compare results with friends or on social media platforms

Release date

May 2024




All devices

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