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Undisputed MMA

Undisputed MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a game that simulates the dynamic, high-intensity sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Players step into the virtual ring as their own character, mastering a blend of various martial arts techniques such as kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

How to play Undisputed MMA?

Your aim is to win the fight against your opponent by utilizing various techniques like punches, kicks and takedowns. Block the opponents attacks and launch a takedown when you find the opportunity, and force your opponent to submission!

What are the controls for Undisputed MMA?

On desktops:

  • Utilize W, A, S, D for moving around
  • Press J to punch
  • Hit L to deliver kicks
  • Hold SHIFT for performing strong attacks
  • Use I to block attacks
  • Press K when your stamina (indicated by the blue bar) exceeds 50% to initiate a takedown
  • Press M for a submission when in the mount position
  • Hit K when the red indicator overlaps the blue bar to successfully execute or escape a takedown or for a successful submission

On mobile devices:

  • Use the available touch controls to control your character
  • Long press the attack button for performing strong attacks


  • Career mode
  • Realistic fighting feel
  • Multiple different ways to win
  • Constantly being developed and improved

Release date

July 2021




All devices

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