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Word Wipe

If you are convinced that games should develop our logical skills, you have to try Word Wipe. This is a suitable option if you are fond of crosswords, sudoku, and so on. Puzzle word games are still popular, and they’re so fun and fascinating! All you have to do is to collect letters into words (just connect them). People with a considerable vocabulary could challenge themselves playing this. There are many similar games with different traits and designs; you can search for them after this one! Enjoy classic games in modern online versions!

How to play Word Wipe

It's easy to understand the gameplay of the Word Wipe. However, you will have to find many words, which is a little bit harder. First, you need to click and drag along a line of at least three letters to form a word. Release the mouse to claim it. Submitted words will give you some points. Make the lines disappear to reach the level's goal, but watch your time! You have only 120 seconds to hit the goal. If you are successful enough, the game will give you a bomb, and you may use it at future levels. Levels become more challenging because you need to clear more lines, but the time limit stays the same. When a player loses the level, the game starts from stage 1. There are 10 levels, and it's hard to beat the entire game, but maybe you could do that? You will find the game in the Web browser and may play it online (tabletop or mobile, it doesn't matter). Train your brain, and you'll be the master! Beat your old records, and don't forget to challenge your friends.


  • Unusual mechanics and word combinations.
  • Statistics of your gaming process.
  • Bomb as an additonal helpful tool.

Release date

April 2020




All devices


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