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Among Us Night Race

If Among Us and Fall Guys had a lovechild, it would turn out to be exactly like Among Us Night Race! This is essentially a multiplayer platform-running game in which you’ll compete across a series of obstacle course maps to be crowned the undisputed winner.

The neon graphics are vivid and immersive, while the gameplay is simple yet addictive. The race consists of several stages across which the slower players will gradually fall off. After qualifying for the next stage of the race, you’ll gain coins that can be spent on purchasing up to 15 character skins, which will allow you to stick out from the crowd of potential impostors.

How to play Among Us Night Race

Up to 30 players start the race, and the number of competitors dwindles after the slower players fail to qualify for the next stage. Each next stage is randomly rolled from a pool of several uniquely designed levels, so you must be prepared for all the challenges the luck of the draw throws your way.

Take a good look at every stage before the beginning and try to pinpoint the sections that might give you trouble while running. It's a good idea to preplan your route before starting the race.

Regardless of how advanced your preemptive thinking is, this game has its own ways of throwing surprises at you, quite literally. Adapt to any given situation as quickly as possible, and don’t be discouraged if you’ve made a couple of misplays. Practice makes perfect!

What are the controls for Among Us Night Race?

Among Us Night Race is exclusively playable in a PC browser. Use WASD or the arrow keys to move, and the spacebar to jump.


  • Among Us meets Fall Guys
  • Obstacle course platform running game
  • Addictive gameplay and catchy neon graphics

Release date

February 2021


Hihoy Games



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