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Game Archery preview
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Archery is a sports simulation game in which you’ll be shooting arrows from a bow at circular targets placed at varying distances. Test your arrow-shooting proficiency, steady aim, patience, and timing in the ultimate show of marksmanship. Complete the levels to unlock more difficult challenges, earn coins, and acquire new bows to improve your arsenal. Once confident in your abilities, try out the “Endless” mode, in which you’re allowed to miss only three shots before the game is over.

How to play Archery?

The targets in Archery usually consist of concentric circles. If you hit the dead center, you’re awarded 10 points. The further your shot lands from the bull’s eye, the lesser the score. You’ll quickly notice that your aim isn’t completely steady. This feature adds a realistic feel to this arrow-shooting simulation game since the strain on the marksman when pulling a bow’s string is quite significant.

In the classic game mode, you’re required to achieve a set score with a predetermined number of arrows. In the “Endless” game mode, you’re tasked with shooting balloons hovering in front of the circular target.

In certain stages, your targets won’t remain stationary, making your job more difficult. Besides the difference in shooting distance, wind speed and direction are also variables you’ll need to consider while aiming. Stronger gusts of air will hinder your shots significantly, especially if your targets are further away. Compensate while aiming accordingly, and take all the time you need before you release an arrow.

What are the controls for Archery?

You can play Archery in any browser. Tap or use the left mouse click and hold to aim, and release to shoot an arrow.


  • Bow-and-arrow shooting simulation
  • Requires a steady hand and perfect timing
  • Two different game modes

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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