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Astro Race


Astro Race

If you’re a fan of racing and space crafts and enjoy games with competitive multiplayer and high skill cap, Astro Race should be at the very top of your to-play list. Play against your friends or other aspiring spaceship pilots worldwide in this challenging and exciting 2D racing simulation. Showcase your epic drifting skills, and win races to rank up, thus unlocking different craft models and new racing tracks.

How to play Astro Race

Astro Race isn’t your ordinary racing game, and simply pressing “W” to gain speed just won’t cut it here. Your craft has a jet propulsion system, meaning you’ll be moving forward all the time. The tricky part is actually accelerating the spaceship, and to do this, you’ll have to develop a unique set of skills.

You want to position your engine as close to the edge of the track as possible and at a correct angle, and this is much easier said than done. The controls may seem a bit counter-intuitive at first, but after some practice, you'll acknowledge that they fit this drift-style racing game perfectly. Use the accumulated “Boost” to knock your opponents off the right track, overtake them in tight corners, and close out nail-biting finishes.

You can “Challenge a friend”, practice in “Free race training” or play competitively straight away and climb the ranks to unlock new circuits and spaceships.

What are the controls for Astro Race?

Astro Race is playable on mobile and PC alike.

PC Controls:

  • Steer right — D or right arrow key
  • Steer left — A or left arrow key
  • Boost — W or up arrow key

Mobile Controls:

  • Steer right — tap right
  • Steer left — tap left
  • Boost — tap both


  • Extraordinary 2D drift racing simulation
  • Competitive multiplayer with a ranking system
  • Rank up to unlock new spacecraft and tracks

Additional “Free race training” and “Challenge a friend” modes

March 2023


Cross platform