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Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917 is an adrenaline-pumping action shooting game set against the backdrop of World War 1. You’re the war hero in the game, and you must race against time and cross into the dangerous territory of your enemy to save your comrades and win the war.

As you navigate through enemy territory, you need to find and free your captured fellow soldiers, and they will prove to be invaluable in your mission. Collect as much gold as possible during each run to unlock exciting upgrades, including a powerful tank.

How To Play Battalion Commander 1917

To start Battalion Commander 1917, simply click on the “Play” button. There’s also an X icon, and clicking on it will delete the saved game if there is any. After you’ve clicked the play icon, you’ll be presented with your mission goals and available weapons. On the battlefield, you will have to deal with mines, snipers, guard towers, bunkers, enemy bombers, and more! But there’s nothing that can stop a battalion commander. Build your army of loyal soldiers and mow down your enemies in a spectacular charge!

What Are The Controls For Battalion Commander 1917?

Battalion Commander 1917 can be played on both your computer and smartphone. If you’re playing on the PC, your hero will follow your mouse, and you can use the left button to activate a purchased skill. On your smartphone, you can simply use your finger to guide your commander and tap the skill button to enable the purchased skill.


  • 2D action shooting game
  • Unlockable boosters
  • 10 ranks
  • Colorful graphics
  • Many enemies and obstacles to overcome

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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