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Become a referee


Become a referee

If you think you know just about every rule in the game of football, you should put your expertise to the test and play Become a Referee. Every true football fan knows refs make the wrong calls ONLY at the expense of OUR team. At times you are 100% certain that even you would do a much better job enforcing the laws of the game than that lousy arbiter. You are confident you’ll make the correct decision in every given situation on the field, right?

How to play Become a Referee

Once you’ve selected the preferred language, you’re good to go. You’ll be reviewing short videos depicting ordinary football elements — penalty kicks, throw-ins, corners, etc. A keen football enthusiast will probably recognize disputable decisions in the blink of an eye.

You step into the shoes of an assistant referee. From this point of view, some of the actions on the field may look distant, so make sure to pay close attention to the recordings. After each demo plays out, you’re tasked with corroborating or discrediting the ref’s call. If uncertain of your initial assessment, you can consult the VAR, and have a look at the replay from a different perspective. Upon reaching your final verdict, the correct call is concisely explained along with the applied rule.

Become a Referee hardcore mode

Let’s be frank, Become a Referee has limited replayability — why not make it more challenging on the first try? Attempt to score 10/10 without watching replays. After all, that’s how it actually would be if you really Become a Referee.


  • 10 video recordings of real-life refereeing examples
  • Rules of soccer knowledge test
  • Validate or disprove official’s calls

March 2023


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