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Bottle Flip

Toss the plastic bottle with just the right amount of force in Bottle Flip — a challenging skill-based isometric platform game. Collect diamonds placed atop various pieces of furniture to unlock different game modes, graphics, and models.

Your job may seem simple, you’re just tossing a bottle after all, but as we all know — looks can be deceiving. You have approximately one second to determine the distance at which the thrown object will land. The longer you wait for a release, the further the flung bottle travels, and each passing millisecond affects the precision of the toss.

How to play Bottle Flip

The gameplay in Bottle Flip is quite simple, but also challenging and oddly rewarding at the same time. You’re tasked with tossing the bottle atop a piece of furniture set at a varying distance from the initial position. To do this, you need to tap, hold to increase the flip distance, and release at just the right moment.

At first, the “Level mode” which features over 1000 unique levels, is unavailable — to unlock it, you’ll need to collect 30 diamonds throughout the tutorial. You can also unlock “Pixellate” and “Grayscale” modes, but these two are purely cosmetic.

After performing a successful toss, new objects will appear in front of you, each within a different range. The tricky part of the tap-hold-release game mechanic is that there isn’t any indicator to monitor the distance the flung bottle will travel. The learning curve isn’t as demanding though, and proper timing promptly becomes intuitive.

What are the controls for Bottle Flip?

Tap and hold, then release to perform a Bottle Flip.


  • Flipping plastic bottles never felt as rewarding
  • Use your keen judgment to toss the bottle at just the right moment
  • Collect diamonds to unlock additional game modes and features

Release date

March 2023




All devices


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