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Bubble Tanks 3

Bubble Tanks 3 is an exciting 2D action shooter that besides the extraordinary fast-paced gameplay gives you the freedom to engineer the combat vehicle by your very own design using the Tank Creator option. It’s easy enough to jump straight into this game and start enjoying it immediately, but as you continue you’ll slowly uncover all the beauty and complexity behind it.

The tanks you’ll control look more like ever-evolving molecules than the actual heavily armored vehicles. You’ll hop from one giant bubble to another and battle for supremacy with other hostile compounds, some more dangerous than the others. Taking damage will reduce your total life while collecting bubbles from defeated enemies will replenish it and eventually allow you to evolve into the next tank tier.

How to play Bubble Tanks 3

Most of the basic game mechanics will be explained to you via the tips written inside the first few big bubbles you explore. In the beginning, the NPCs won’t have the weapons necessary to deal damage to you, but soon enough you’ll encounter some fierce adversaries. You want to farm all life forms you encounter for the valuable bubbles they drop to evolve into the following tier faster.

Once you clear a single sphere and decide to jump into the next one you might be in for an unpleasant surprise sometimes. If you ever feel that you’re heavily outgunned inside a bubble you’ve just come to conquer, do yourself a favor and retreat, then come back later once your tank is upgraded.

What are the controls for Bubble Tanks 3?

Bubble Tanks 3 is yet to be mobile web optimized, but you can play it for free in a PC browser. Use the WASD keys to move around, the mouse pointer to aim, and hold the left mouse button to shoot.


  • An extraordinary 2D action shooter
  • Simple, fast-paced, enjoyable, and relaxing
  • Complex yet easy-to-use Tank Creator tool

Release date

February 2022


Flash From The Past


All devices

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