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Game Candy Riddles preview
Game Candy Riddles preview

Candy Riddles

Candy Riddles

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Candy Riddles

Looking for your fix for Match 3 games? Hoping to play more games similar to Bejeweled or Candy Crush? Candy Riddles got your back with its sweet gameplay!

How to play Candy Riddles?

Candy Riddles is a standard Match 3 game with fun mechanics to get you hooked! You’re given a set of candies to obtain in a level, and filling these in lets you complete the level and progresses you to the next stage!

Their mechanics are as follows:

1.   Multipliers – Matching candies gives a bonus to their adjacent sweets a multiplier bonus, with each match accumulating until you match that specific candy! This helps you achieve more than what you matched, letting you finish the stage quick and easy!

2.   Heroes – With their own gimmicks, matching four sweets lets you obtain their hero! Their effects vary and can perhaps get so wild, do your best to achieve them!

3.   Boosters – Unlockable after finishing level 14 and beyond, you can obtain your own set of boosts that helps you achieve victory with various effects! Succeed on obtaining all of them and go further beyond!

What are the Controls for Candy Riddles?

  • Use the Left Mouse Button to move candies!
  • For mobile, touch the candy to move and match!


  • More than a hundred levels – Prove your mettle and relive your glory during the Candy Crush craze as Candy Riddles features a LOT of levels!
  • Unique Requirements – As you progress into the game, you’re introduced with new victory requirements such as accruing honey or unpacking boxes in the field, which provides both a challenge and an opportunity to create huge combos!
  • Effect Blocks – Miss the old bomb or the numerous power-ups in games like these? Fret not, they’re also here! Utilizing them is key to clearing levels faster more than you can blink!

Release date

February 2020


Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.


All devices

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