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Game Cannon Strike preview
Game Cannon Strike preview

Cannon Strike

Cannon Strike

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Cannon Strike

Cannon Strike is an incredible 2D shooting platform game that’s perfectly suitable for both kids and adults. There are up to 36 levels available, and while each stage presents you with a unique challenge, the objective is always the same — shooting a required number of cannonballs into the container.

Your ammunition is limited, so you must use it wisely and efficiently. If you’re attempting to clear the levels with flying colors, you must play perfectly and not lose a single ball. Therefore, you can enjoy this game casually but also make it extra challenging and go for a maximum of 3 stars every time. You’ll have a blast either way!

How to play Cannon Strike

You don’t have to worry about aiming in this game because the cannon you’re controlling is stationary. On the other hand, timing your shots perfectly is essential, and to do this successfully, you must first analyze all the moving platforms’ patterns thoroughly.

You’ll often be able to squeeze multiple cannonballs into the designated container within a limited window of opportunity. Just make sure that your release timing is on point to avoid wasting more ammo than necessary.

The cannonballs will interact with each other too, not only with the surrounding platforms. Depending on the specific situation, this may help you out, or force you to rethink your approach to solve the problem presented.

What are the controls for Cannon Strike?

Cannon Strike is playable on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap to shoot a single cannonball, and hold to shoot a burst of cannonballs.


  • A colorful 2D platform shooter for kids and adults
  • Moving platforms obstruct your shots
  • Perfect timing is the key to victory
  • Up to 36 uniquely designed levels

Release date

November 2020




All devices

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