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Carrom Online


Carrom Online

Carrom Online is an exciting multiplayer carrom simulator that re-creates the joyful atmosphere of the real game. Win against random opponents or battle it out with your buddies. The game’s family-friendly nature ensures that any age category will have a blast while playing! Playing carrom has never been more fun and exciting, polish your skills and become a carrom champion!

How to play Carrom Online?

Carrom is perhaps best described as "finger pool", where players flick a huge weighted disc at smaller wooden discs on a wooden board. The objective is to place all nine of your carrom pieces (black or white), along with the red Queen, in the corners. The first player to do so earns points for the round.  Each game lasts until either one player has 25 points or all 8 boards have been played.

Carrom Online replicates the original game to perfection as its realistic views of the carrom board, pieces, and the tension of each round will certainly make sure to excite you throughout. You can also play mind games with your opponents by sending emojis.

You can always create private matches to battle it out with your friends if the random matchmaking gets too tough. If you want to face tense battles while having tremendous fun, this game is just the one for you. With accurate physics and butter-smooth controls, travel around the globe and play against worthy rivals. Do you have what it takes?

What are the controls for Carrom Online?

  • When playing on your PC, drag and draw back with your cursor on your striker to determine the direction and power of the shot
  • If playing on a mobile device, simply drag your striker using your finger to align your shot and determine its strength


  • Create private matches to play with friends
  • Multiplayer option to battle with random players around the world
  • A great simulation of the real game


March 2023


Cross platform