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Cool Snakes




Cool Snakes

Reign supreme in the crowded multiplayer arena in Cool Snakes — the ultimate 3D snake game! This extraordinary game features pixelated Minecraft-like graphics, dozens of hilarious “snake” skins, and highly competitive and addictive gameplay. You can even try out the first-person perspective and change the camera view while playing.

This game isn’t for everyone really, and if you’re the one to rage quit quickly, you should just avoid it. If you, however, master the simple mechanics and learn some game principles, you’ll be rewarded with an outstanding multiplayer battle experience.

How to play Cool Snakes

Clashing heads with any of the opponents will kill you both, so you must be sly and find other ways to outsmart them. You can pose a great threat to the biggest of rivals even if your snake is currently the smallest in the battleground. Occasionally a shield will spawn somewhere in the arena, and picking it up gives you invulnerability. This allows you to score a killing blow if you connect with your foe head-to-head.

Generally, the objective is to avoid collisions completely, as they’ll kill you 99% of the time. Use your snake’s body to protect the head. The proven method to induce panic among other players and force their mistakes is encircling them.

What are the controls for Cool Snakes?

You can play amazingly Cool Snakes exclusively in a PC browser. Use the mouse pointer to control the head of your snake and space or the left mouse button for the speed boost. Click on the camera icon to change to first-person POV, and use WASD or arrow keys to steer left or right.


  • The ultimate multiplayer arena 3D snake game
  • Pixelated graphics featuring hilarious “snake” skins
  • High-skill cap and competitive gameplay
  • First-person camera option

March 2023


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