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Cricket Legends

Cricket Legends is a challenging 3D sports game featuring gorgeous cartoon-styled graphics, two game modes, various achievements, and up to 5 different players to unlock. You’ll be playing as a batter, so your hand-eye coordination is about to be put to the ultimate test. To win each match, you must maintain a consistent performance and score as many six and four runs.

How to play Cricket Legends

There are no shortcuts to becoming a skilled batter, and you’ll surely miss the ball more than a couple of times. Remember that you don’t have to swipe to the exact point where the ball hits the ground, but focus more on your swing timing. The interface messages will let you know whether your swing was late or early, so use this information to compensate the next time. Focusing on the ball all the time will help you a lot to achieve perfect shots.

There are 5 different batters you can play with. To unlock a better one, you must first upgrade your currently best player to at least level 3. Each batter has a unique bonus ability which activates once you’ve scored enough points.

It’s recommended to hone your batting skills in the quick match mode first. Once you’ve gained some confidence, you should definitely try out the career mode, climb the leagues, and finally win the national championships!

What are the controls for Cricket Legends?

You can become one of the Cricket Legends on both PC and mobile devices. Click and drag or swipe to determine your aim, then release at exactly the right moment to hit the ball perfectly.


  • A skill-based 3D cricket simulation
  • Quick reflexes and keen hand-eye coordination are necessary
  • Quick match and Career game modes
  • New players and achievements to unlock

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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