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Game Dead Zed preview
Game Dead Zed preview

Dead Zed

Dead Zed

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9.5(57 votes)

Dead Zed

Dead Zed is a perfect example that only a couple of gaming enthusiasts chasing an excellent idea can create truly remarkable content. Initially, this game feels like a weird 2D zombie first-person shooter with underwhelming graphics and seemingly easy gameplay. Be aware that it’s only your first day surviving the zombie apocalypse. The last thing you heard was the trembling voice on the radio. You must hold on for entire 40 days before any rescue missions are even attempted.

Soon the waves of attacking walkers become massive and intimidating, but luckily you’ll be able to find other survivors to help you out in defending the barricades. This game truly shines when it comes to its RPG elements and gameplay in between the waves. Immersive music and sound effects complement the thrilling post-apocalyptic atmosphere perfectly. 

How to play Dead Zed

It would be nigh-impossible to hold off an amassing horde of incoming undead alone, but luckily in between the waves, you’ll organize Search parties. This allows you to rescue Survivors to help you out and pick up more powerful Guns. There are three stats and corresponding task slots for each of the unassigned Survivors.

  • Fight — improves Shooting efficiency and Search party safety
  • Repairing — provides damage resistance
  • Search — increases the odds of finding the good stuff

Multiple Survivors can undertake the same task, so it’s essential to skillfully mix their unique stat combinations to achieve optimal efficiency.

What are the controls for Dead Zed?

You can play Dead Zed on both mobile and PC devices. All the controls are easily discerned if playing on a touchscreen device, and the PC controls are shown below.

  • Mouse (click) — aim (shoot)
  • R/double click — Reload
  • F — Change the firing mode
  • 1/2 — switch weapons
  • M — mute
  • Esc — main menu


  • Extraordinary 2D first-person zombie shooter with RPG elements
  • Immersive gameplay, amazing game design, and great music
  • 40-days of nail-biting base defenses
  • Search parties, additional Survivors, and Gun upgrades

Release date

October 2020




All devices

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