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Draw and Save The Car




Draw and Save The Car

Draw a single line to create a bridge for the car to cross and reach the checkpoint flag in Draw and Save The Car! The car is stationary at the beginning of each level and only starts moving forward after you’ve finished drawing. There are up to 200 levels to complete, and while the objective remains the same, each problem requires a unique solution. Certain stages will present you with a worthy brain exercise, while resolving others is often pretty straightforward. This challenging and entertaining brain game will improve not only your drawing skills but also your problem-solving and creative thinking.

How to play Draw and Save The Car

The line you’ll draw to create a bridge is not flexible and behaves according to the basic laws of physics. The bridge won’t bend, but it will move as the forces are applied to it. You can use the rigid properties of the line to lock it down and ensure your car can steadily drive over it.

On some levels, you’re not only tasked with guiding the car safely to the yellow flag but also figuring out the way to avoid the vehicle coming your way. You can push the other car from its place by drawing a line over it at the beginning of the stage. As it almost feels like cheating, if you want to make the game even more challenging, use this trick only as a last resort.

What are the controls for Draw and Save The Car?

You can play Draw and Save The Car on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap, then hold and drag to draw the line.


  • Challenging and enjoyable brain game
  • Problem-solving and drawing exercise
  • Up to 200 different levels and 6 cars to try out

March 2023


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