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Drifting Mania

Drifting Mania is probably the best free-to-play 2D drifting simulation game out there. The skill cap is very high, and the endless gameplay is quite unforgiving, which may be off-putting for the faint of heart. If you, however, manage to push through the initial struggle and overcome the demanding learning curve, you'll be rewarded with an enjoyable gaming experience. Most great games are highly addictive, and this gem is no exception. Proceed with caution, and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

How to play Drifting Mania

Unlike in most drifting games, you don’t really steer your vehicle left and right but literally attach it to the “anchor” to drive through each corner. Thus created centripetal force makes the sports car follow a curved path. Performing good, epic, or even colossal drifts rely entirely upon the tap-hold-release timing of the anchor point.

You’ll notice that the endless stage has three tracks. To avoid crashing for as long as possible, try your best to keep your car in the middle of the road. Pay close attention to the skid marks, as they’re the best indicator when you need to let your ride drift along.

Driving without crashing through every 10 corners will unlock new levels and earn you some extra coins. You also gain currency by completing achievements and can use the accumulated coins to unlock awesome rides and give them fancy paint jobs. While all the models perform the same on the road, and the changes are purely cosmetic, the artists really did do a great job with each of them.

What are the controls for Drifting Mania?

Drifting Mania is playable on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click, then hold, and finally release to drift across the track.


  • Highly addictive and challenging 2D drifting simulation
  • The Achievements system is quite gratifying and motivating
  • Up to 13 sports cars to unlock and customize

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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