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Egg Wars


Egg Wars

If Counter-Strike and Minecraft ever had a love child, it would turn out to be exactly like Egg Wars. These aren't some ordinary eggs. They're armed and extremely dangerous, and the outcome is comical, to say the least. Try out different game modes and weapons, unlock humorous skins, and dominate your foes across different maps in this hilarious multiplayer first-person shooter.

How to play Egg Wars?

After a glance at the interface, you'll notice there are two game modes available — “Battle Royale” and “PvP 5x5”. The win condition is scoring more killing blows faster than your opponents — 30 kills as a team or 10 if you're playing the free-for-all deathmatch.

Besides various guns to choose from, you can also throw grenades at your foes. Each available weapon has specific advantages. After you've been eliminated, you'll be able to pick a different, more suitable firearm before the respawn. A shotgun is extremely efficient in close quarters, but it won’t do much if you prefer to snipe the enemies from afar. Luckily, the arsenal at your disposal will accommodate any personal preferences.

Ensure that you pick up enough ammo around the map. If all you do is run and gun, you'll deplete the initially available ammo quickly. It’s a good idea to roam around the map for a while and ensure you’ve accumulated some extra rounds before you start blasting.

What are the controls for Egg Wars?

The controls for Egg Wars are completely customizable in the “settings” menu. A mouse and a keyboard are required to play, as the game is playable in any PC browser. The default controls are as follows:

  • WASD keys — Movement
  • Space — Jump
  • Right mouse button — zoom in
  • Left mouse button — shoot
  • Q — swap weapon
  • G — throw a grenade
  • R — reload


  • Fascinating multiplayer first-person-shooter
  • Battle Royale or 5vs5 game modes
  • Seasonal leaderboards

March 2023


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