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Game Fantasy Madness preview
Game Fantasy Madness preview

Fantasy Madness

Fantasy Madness

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Fantasy Madness

Fantasy Madness is an exquisite roguelike action-survival game featuring eye-catching graphics, captivating fast-paced gameplay, and high replayability. You play as an elite druid on the quest to defend the realm from the swarms of invading orc troops. There are a couple of additional characters and Power-Ups coming soon, and we can’t wait to see all the new stuff the devs are currently working on!

At level one, you can only eliminate the greenskins with bolts automatically shooting from your staff. Enemies killed occasionally drop mana crystals, which when walked over, grant experience points. Upon leveling up, you’ll choose from a variety of arcane spell upgrades that will greatly improve your orc-slaying potency and survivability. Additionally, there are dozens of magic mushrooms scattered around the valley that grant temporary boosts to your character’s abilities.

How to play Fantasy Madness

The druid you control is arcane-savvy but not very tanky, so it’s essential to avoid getting into orcs’ melee range. The idea is to kite the green-skinned horde around while dealing damage from afar. Keep in mind that to level up, it’s not enough to merely eliminate them, you must collect the mana crystals they drop.

At each level up, there are up to 3 choices available and an always-present 4th option that heals you up and increases your max HP by 10%. You don’t want to spread your build around too thin, regardless of how tempting the abilities may seem. Make sure to have strong AoE, some sustain, and a bloodthirsty pet, then go from there.

What are the controls for Fantasy Madness?

Fantasy Madness works perfectly on both mobile and PC. Flip the mobile device horizontally while booting the game, and use the joystick button on the left to move and the button on the right to dash. If PC is your preferred gaming platform, use the WASD keys to move, the Spacebar to dash, and the I key to open the inventory.


  • A captivating isometric roguelike action-survival fantasy
  • Fast-paced, addictive, and highly replayable gameplay
  • Eye-catching graphics, plenty of ability upgrades

Release date

March 2023


Night Steed Games


All devices

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