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Fish Eat Fish

At the bottom of the sea, where Fish Eat Fish, there’s but one rule — survival of the fittest! The bigger fish prey on the smaller ones, and in the beginning, you are as tiny as they get. Luckily, deep-sea creatures have a way of getting absurdly big, especially when able to survive for long enough.

This awesome mini-game features colorful 2D graphics, both cheerful and scary fish patrolling the sea floor, and simple but entertaining gameplay. It’s perfectly suitable for kids and adults alike, and playing it is a great way to practice decision-making skills and improve your reflexes.

How to play Fish Eat Fish

The trickiest part of this game is determining whether you’re bigger or smaller than the competition, therefore patience and perception is the key to victory. In the beginning, make sure to only prey on the smallest of game, to ensure you’re not the one that gets eaten.

You can devour the fish approximately equal to your size, but it’s easy to get carried away and attempt to bite off more than you can chew. The predator you’re controlling will grow slightly bigger after each successful hunt, and soon enough, you’ll become the undisputed ruler of the sea.

What are the controls for Fish Eat Fish?

Up to 3 players can play Fish Eat Fish simultaneously on a single PC or mobile device. Playing multiplayer on a touchscreen device is nigh impossible because to control the fish, each player must tap on the colored circle, hold, and finally swipe to swim. You can play solo on mobile without any issues, and the PC controls are shown below.

  • Player 1 — Arrow keys
  • Player 2 — WASD keys
  • Player 3 — Mouse


  • Bigger fish eat the smaller one
  • Life on the sea floor is both captivating and dangerous
  • Colorful 2D graphics and entertaining gameplay

Release date

February 2020


MBG Network


All devices

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