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Football Brawl


Football Brawl

Football Brawl is an amazing 2D one-on-one multiplayer football simulation game with RPG elements. Compete against players worldwide in exciting 90-second quick matches. Complete goals and missions to earn coins, shop for packs, and gear up your character, thus improving the attributes.

While Football Brawl features colorful and humorous graphics, the gameplay is far from casual. This game is not for the easily deterred since the skill cap is very high. Game mechanics are deceivingly simple, but it will take a while to master them. This may include having to learn the hard way, which can be frustrating at times.

How to play Football Brawl

Goalkeeping is a big thing in Football Brawl. You’re playing one-on-one, so if you rush out far in the opponent’s half-field, there’s nobody left to defend. For a seasoned opponent, this will be a good opportunity to score an easy goal. Therefore while attacking, attempt to ensure that your opponent can’t sneak the ball behind your back somehow.

While kicking the ball will be your go-to scoring option, much of ball handling is done by your head, using movement keys. Performing these head dribbles is no easy feat, and you may even score a couple of auto-goals while attempting to create better scoring opportunities.

As you slowly get better, you’ll earn coins and unlock new gear which will enhance each of your character’s attributes — power, speed, size, and jump.

What are the controls for Football Brawl?

You can play Football Brawl in a PC browser, and you’ll control your character using a keyboard.

  • A — Move left
  • D — Move Right
  • Space — Jump
  • H — Kick (lob)
  • J — Kick (low shot)
  • K — Special ability 1
  • L — Special ability 2


  • 2D competitive multiplayer football simulation
  • Complete tasks to gear up your character
  • Use special skills to your advantage

March 2023


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