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Football Heads


Football Heads

Football Heads is an exciting way to spend your time, especially when you are really into football. Unfortunately, a lot of people that are keen on football and love computer games at the same time don’t know about this fun game. However, we are always happy to tell you about different amazing games!

People, who adore sports, are often quite competitive. That’s why this game is made in the format of a contest. You can challenge a computer or have some fun time with your friend. However, you should choose your team before playing. There are twenty teams (Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and many others), so you can pick your favorite one. Anyway, you will play as one representative of it. Each character (which is representative) looks pretty fun: like a big head with a leg to kick the ball. Sounds merry, isn’t it?

How to play Football Heads

Frankly speaking, it’s so easy to play Football Heads. All you need is a web browser (desktop or mobile, it’s not important) and a keyboard. If you are ready to play on your own, use arrow keys to move your character, and M to kick the ball. In case you have a friend, one of you should use the same buttons, and the other has to press the WASD keys for moving and J for kicking. Yeah, the gameplay is pretty simple. You can use some power-ups while playing. They appeared on the map chaotically. Sometimes the background and design of the map can change. The ball falls from the upper part of the level and different designs influence its direction. Levels have a limited amount of time, and every time someone scores a goal, the time of the level gets shorter. That’s all we wanted to tell you. Enjoy the online version of soccer!


  • An opportunity to choose your favorite team
  • The fun design of the characters
  • An opportunity to play against your friends

March 2023


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