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Garden Tales

If you love puzzles, then you’ll love Garden Tales! Wander through our impeccably-maintained garden and meet the friendly characters who live there in this new twist on a classic. Set to a cheery score, you’ll be tasked with assisting our resident garden gnome, Willy, on his quest to keep the garden in tip-top shape. You’ll help Willy till, weed, plant, and harvest, all through an addicting match-3 format. 

How to Play Garden Tales

Garden Tales is a match-3 game in a similar style to favorites like Bejeweled Blitz and Candy Crush Saga, though as you’ll see it has enough charm and character to stand out from its contemporaries. Follow Willy through a pleasantly cartoonish world map dotted with topiaries, ponds, flowers, and his garden gnome brethren as you progress through the over 700 levels. The difficulty increases as you go, so you had best be prepared for a challenge!

With boosts, daily missions, and fun bonuses you can earn, Garden Tales has a little bit of something for everyone. Plus, if you find yourself struggling, an extra boost is only a short 30-second ad away.

What are the Controls for Garden Tales?

The controls are incredibly simple and easy to grasp.

  • First, click the level you want to play
  • You will see a grid arranged with fruits from the garden. The goal is to match at least 3
  • Click on a fruit and then on one of its neighbors to swap the two
  • Match more than 3 fruits to get a bonus!

The game also has a mobile version, which plays a bit differently.

  • Rather than clicking on the fruit, you will want to tap the screen


  • Single player play at your own pace!
  • A wide variety of bonuses to be unlocked
  • A cute cartoonish art style with fun characters to meet

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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