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Game Getting Over Snow preview
Game Getting Over Snow preview

Getting Over Snow

Getting Over Snow

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8.3(18 votes)

Getting Over Snow

Getting Over Snow is a hilarious arcade game featuring pixelated character models and interesting gameplay, in which you take up the role of an ice climber. You’re carrying a magical climbing axe, and possessing insane upper-body strength. As the extendable axe hits the ice, you’ll perform an effortless flip uphill. Your task is to save the mom and baby panda atop a cliff in the regular mode, or you can test your alpinism skills in the additional endless game mode. There are many perils to avoid on the way to the top, so you must calculate the distance of each flip precisely.

How to play Getting Over Snow

You can unlock up to 15 “common” characters by spending the gems you’ll earn, and there are 7 additional climbers that are earned by completing “missions”. Each character model is humorous, and you can climb the ice as a scuba diver.

Your character will travel twice the length of the extended ice hammer. This will help calculate the appropriate distance and timing. The way to the top is very dangerous, and sometimes you’ll have to act fast to avoid avalanches and ice shards. In this game, eagles aren’t your friends — smack one with your tool to chase it away and clear the cliff. Finally, your ice hammer won’t work if it hits the ground — it’s an ICE hammer, after all.

What are the controls for Getting Over Snow?

Getting Over Snow is playable on PC and mobile devices alike. Tap or press the left mouse button and hold to determine the length of your ice hammer, then release at the right moment to cover the desired distance.


  • Enjoyable ice-climbing arcade game with simple gameplay
  • Hilarious pixelated character models
  • Endless and normal game modes

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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