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9.2(24 votes)


gigga.io is a multiplayer .IO tank battle game and a fan-made sequel to Diep.io that immerses you in action-packed warfare within large square arena. You control a tank with customizable skills and engage in battles against other players or team up against AI bosses. The game's dynamics are enhanced by a vast selection of tanks and a skill upgrade system that allows you to pick and choose the path you deem to be the best for achieving victory on the battlefield!

How to play gigga.io?

In gigga.io, your objective is to navigate through an arena, shooting down opponents, collecting and surviving against both players and AI enemies. As you engage in combat, you earn points which can be used to upgrade your tank. You start by selecting the game mode and jumping in straight to action with your noob-level tank!

The game modes are:

  • 4 TDM: Team deathmatch with 4 teams starting from each corner of the arena
  • FFA: Free for all, kill everything that moves!
  • Domination: Compete to control different areas of the arena

During gameplay, strategically allocate your 42 upgrade points across 10 distinct skills to enhance your tank's performance, for example when it comes to health, damage, speed, body damage, bullet damage, etc..

What are the controls for gigga.io?

  • Movement: W, A, S, D or Arrow keys
  • Aim: Mouse
  • Shoot: Left Mouse Button or Spacebar
  • Auto-fire: E
  • Disable auto-weapons: R
  • Auto-spin: C
  • Level up (Sandbox): N


  • Extensive Customization: Choose from tons of different tanks with various unique abilities
  • Upgrade System: Invest in 10 different skills to tailor your tank's capabilities
  • Multiplayer Action: Engage in intense player vs. player battles or team up to take down AI polygon bosses
  • Strategic Depth: Successful gameplay requires thoughtful skill enhancement and tactical collaboration with teammates

Release date

June 2022




All devices

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