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Game Google Memory preview

Google Memory

Google Memory

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Google Memory

Google Memory is based on the classic Simon Memory Game that challenges your memory and pattern recognition skills. Originally developed by Ralph H. Baer and Howard J. Morrison and released in 1978 by Milton Bradley, this game features a sequence of flashing colored lights and sounds that you (and your friends in multiplayer mode!) must remember and replicate.

How to play Google Memory?

In this game, you'll see a series of four colored buttons (red, blue, green and yellow), each associated with a distinctive sound. If playing versus CPU, the game will start by lighting up one button, and your task is to repeat the sequence by pressing the same button. Playing versus other players, each player takes turns repeating the sequence from the previous player and adding anotAfter each successful round, the game adds another step to the sequence, making it progressively more challenging. You can also play with up to 5 friends at the same time, putting each of your memories to a real test!

  1. Start: Select the amount of players and if playing versus CPU or no and wait for either the CPU to play the first light/sound combination or the player who's turn it is to click on the first button.
  2. Repeat: Memorize the sequence and repeat it by pressing the correct buttons in order.
  3. Progress: With each correct repetition, the CPU or a player adds a new step to the sequence.
  4. Challenge: If you press the wrong button or miss a step, the game ends.

What are the controls for Google Memory?

Simply click or tap on the buttons in the correct order.


  • Progressive memory challenges with increasing levels of difficulty
  • Flashing lights and unique sounds for each color
  • Simple aesthetic inspired by the original 1978 game

Release date

May 2024




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